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Your resume : Civilian Style

As you go through the military you have more codes for more ranks, divisions, and job titles. It can be overwhelming just to remember them all, but once you start to look for a job , they must go ! There is only a few times where writing all those numbers, etc will benefit you in your job search. That is when you are applying for a job that deals with mostly military issues, where knowing those types of details is a must. The civilian world will not know what in the world your rank meant let alone the code for your job was while serving this amazing country. In fact it will bounce your resume right into the delete pile. . A strong resume must have certain aspects of it to get noticed. Your contact info, a strong but brief summary at the top , expressing your talents and what you represent , and then below , a list of companies , or job titles you attained while serving. Last but not least, organizations that you belong to and please list your military serve. You should be proud of it.

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