In the Heat of the Night

Picture this : You wash up for bed, and put on your cozy PJ’s. It’s bed time and you slip under your 100 % cotton sheets, and a light blanket. Exhausted from a busy day, you drift into dreamland in no time at all. Then something happens to wake you up. No, it’s not your alarm clock, sudden noise, or even the dog barking. It’s your internal hormonal temperture ringing, saying hello. When you first experience these “hot flashes” you actually think that you might have a fever, but the heat level is a bit different . For the first time in your life, you think of kicking off your covers and actually  stripping off your clothes ! Some might think that is a good thing, like your lover , but to you it is a real pain. Then , after the “power surge” ends , you become somewhat chilled and cover up once again. What on earth is going on ?

Those wonderful “power surges” ( I wish I could use them to off-set my NSTAR bill) are called Hot Flashes. They are caused by falling estrogen and raising FSH levels, and they become more frequent as we approach the end of our final period . That is the time when our estrogen levels are the lowest and the FSH levels are the highest.

A hot flash is also called vasomotor flushing ( sounds like something you would ask for at the car dealership). It happens when the blood vessels in the skin of the head, and neck open more widely than usual , allowing more blood to shift into the area, creating heat and redness.

Triggers for hot flashes can range from anxiety , tension, a diet high in sugars, refined carbohydrates, beer , wine, coffee and of course being in a really hot room.

So now that you know what they are, and what can trigger them, how about getting rid of them. There are a few steps you can take to help you in that department. Remember , please talk to your doctor about ALL your issues .

Estrogen Replacement is 95 % percent effective.There are a few “combo” medicines that can be used.

Medicine with Meditation has shown to be 90 % effective – Relaxation Response

Diet: Lower your sugar intake. Eat more soy products , herbs, black cohosh, dong quai and chasteberry.


Keep your house temperture cool. Wear layers, so when those hot flashes come you can get comfortable fast.

Check out  this product : One a Day, muti- vitamin MENOPAUSE . Sold in supermarkets and all drug stores. Anywhere between $16.00 – $ 19.00 a bottle.

As time goes on I will talk about other aspects of menopause with interesting facts and humor. Check out my page on Facebook called : Humor and Hot Flashes . Become a fan and start enjoying this time in your life.

Remember one thing. On a cold winter day, while driving down the highway, you see the driver side window down and a smart, atttractive middle age woman driving, give her a smile or wave. She is enjoy life and knows how to cope with almost any “power surge” life has to offer.














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