Forward Movement

Forward movement says : Action.  As I discussed in my last blog  FIRST INSIGHT  you have reached your breaking point, but how do I make the changes needed to achieve the life I have always wanted ? I am a big believer in breaking down any task into smaller components , so that anything can be done. So lets start on the weight loss situation. The first task, is to realize that you are unhappy with the weight you are at now. Trust me folks I do NOT have any kind of  positive relationship with my “scale” at home. We have never seen eye to eye on what my numbers are saying. With that being said, what comes next ? Here are a few ways to start the process and get you to think about what work you will need to do to change your situation .

What was your trigger?

Notice what you put in your mouth . Did you eat fatty foods because you are on the road a lot,   or to be social ?

Why did you eat them ?  Comfort, lazy ( did not feel like cooking) ?

What can you do to change your day to be able to fit in a better lifestyle ?

Buy better food and eat it in the car, or drive to a near by park on my way to a business meeting and walk after eating .

What is your emotional state right now?  Under pressure at work or home ? Stress can cause many people to seek out foods for comfort .

If stress , sadness , low self esteem is the problem, how can I change that? 

Join a support group, gym, hire a life coach to keep you focused or a personal trainer. 

Once you know the answers to these questions then comes the hard work.  Break down your day and be aware of what works for you.

High pressure job ? No time for diets, walking, etc? , then eat less, take the stairs, park further away, start thinking of ways to find fun in your life.

As you can see there is no one right or wrong way to solve your problems. We are all wired differently to think and form habits. The key, is to find out what emotionally is driving your unhappiness and then act on change according to how you function.

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